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Clinic ‘Training with lactate’

The use of lactate data during training is becoming increasingly popular. Many people are curious about the way the 'Norwegians' use lactate measurements to adjust and evaluate their training. In this clinic you will become acquainted with this way of training, you will see what your lactate values ​​are and you will learn what these values ​​have to say to you. We translate the results into tips on how to improve your training.
Clinic: Duurtraining, lactaat en intensiteit

Part 1: Practice

The clinic ‘Training with lactate’ consists of two parts. The first part is doing a workout. You can do this by bike (on your own smart trainer and bike), on the treadmill or on the athletics track, but also just on the road. For swimming, the clinic can be organized in the pool. You do your training in the way and intensity you normally do yourself. Your lactate values ​​are measured during training. Together with the other data we discuss these in part two of the clinic.

Part 2: Theory

After the practical part, we start by explaining the purpose of your training in more detail. In it we build on the aerobic and anaerobic metabolism that together generate the energy you need during training and races. Lactate values ​​provide insight into the way in which you have been trained and provide guidance on how to perform your training as accurately and therefore as effectively as possible. Not too slow and not too hard, but exactly at the level with which you achieve the desired training effect.

As an example, a low intensity training. In doing so, you develop your aerobic system, improve your fat burning, increase the number of aerobic enzymes and improve the functioning of your mitochondria and increase your capillarization. That does mean that you have to perform your training properly. If you want to know more about this, read the blog ‘How do I improve my endurance training ‘How do I improve my endurance training?.

Based on the measurements and observations of the endurance training you did in part 1, we will explain the added value of lactate measurements and you will receive feedback on your training.

For whom is the clinic ‘Training with lactate’?

“Training with Lactate” is for triathletes, runners, and endurance athletes who want to get more out of their endurance training.

Duration and place

The clinic ‘Training with lactate’ takes four hours. The set-up:

– introduction and explanation (15min)

– part 1: 90-120min (training)

– break: 30min (shower + change)

– part 2: Evaluation of the training, explanation, feedback and tips & tricks (90min)

The clinic can be given on your location. Please contact us if you want to have the location of the clinic organized by 3in1Sports.


The costs depend on the number of participants. The minimum number of participants is five, the maximum number is thirty. The price is determined on the basis of the scale below.
05-09 persons: basic rate €200 + €25pp
10-20 persons: basic rate €250 + €20pp
21-30 persons: basic rate €400 + €15pp


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