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Coaching call

Our coaching calls are highly appreciated. It ranks on top of every yearly evaluation with the 3in1Sports athletes. That is why coaching calls are now also accessible to people who do not want to commit to a Personal Coaching trajectory. During a coaching conversation you get undivided attention. You speak one-on-one with Bert Flier about the questions that concern you. Questions that you can't find an answer to via Google. Or you get so many answers that you can't see the wood for the trees;) Coaching calls are multifarious. What questions should you think about? Below is a selection of topics. (And yes, if you ask a question that is not within my expertise, you will hear that too).


  • I have six hours a week for training. How can I best divide that time between swimming, cycling, and running?
  • How do I combine the club training with my individual training?
  • I collect data every training. I don’t actually do anything with it. How can I get added value from this without it costing me a lot of time?
  • What is the value of strength and stability training? Is it useful to include that in my program? And if so, in what way?
  • After years of dedicated training, I’ve reached a plateau. Can you look into my Garmin or TrainingPeaks data and give your reflection on my way of training?

Gear & knowledge

  • I have €250 to spend. Do I spend that on a speed suit, a bike measurement, a helmet, a Stryd, or fast shoes?
  • I am considering purchasing a new bicycle. What are the questions I should ask to make the right choice?
  • In addition to training on heart rate, I am thinking of training with a wattage meter. Does that add value for me?


  • My training sessions are going great, but I cannot show my potential in the races. What prevents me from showing my actual abilities on race day?
  • How do I make a realistic race- and nutrition plan? One that is tried and tested and works for mej?
  • My racing are all ok, but peaking in major races remains difficult. What should I do to peak in my A-race?


  • I have €1000 to spend. Do I spend that on a training camp, a disc wheel, a smart trainer, a power meter or on coaching?
  • I desire to train consistently and structured, but fail to get it done. How do I give my training the right priority?

Work-life balance

  • What do I get from my triathlon life? And what may it cost me? Where do I draw the boundaries between what is sane and what is not?
  • How can I organize my training sessions and races so that they add value to my family, friends and work?

How is the coaching call organised?

After booking your call you will receive an email with a Zoom link. At the reserved time, you log in from your living room or office. Of course you can also visit the 3in1Sports test and coaching room in Utrecht.

Free try-out call

Do you want to know what a coaching call can mean for you? On Mondays between 16-17 there are three moments for a try-out meeting. These calls are 20 minutes and for free. Choose the option ‘try-out call’ and reserve your slot.

What are the costs of a coaching call?

The costs for a coaching call are €25 per 20 minutes. When booking, you can mention which topic you want to discuss, so that we can spend the time effectively. Choose the option ‘coachgesprek’ and book your time and desired duration.

Other services

Trainer Bert Flier

Personal coaching

Personal Coaching means one-to-one guidance by Bert Flier so you have access to all knowledge of 3in1Sports.


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Inspanningstest Fietsen

Exercise test

During an exercise test we determine your metabolic profile and assess your trainability and training zones.


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Run In The Morning

Trainings plan

After the intake and exertion test, we will write your training schedule for a minimum of 12 and a maximum of 20 weeks.


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