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Exercise test

An exercise test (you can opt for either a run test or a bike test) is a progressive intensity test protocol during which we measure your lactate, heart rate, pace and wattage. The results are summarised in a digital test report. This shows your physiological strengths and weaknesses, your training zones and your metabolic profile. You also get advice on how to structure your training. Here we show how our lactate-based exercise test is translated into a training program.

Why an exercise test?

As a runner, cyclist or triathlete you try to improve your performance with training. But what is ‘good training’? In which zones do you train best and in what proportion? Which structure of trainings is most optimal for you?

If you want to increase the effectiveness of your training, the exercise test answers all these questions. We discuss the results with you after the test. So that you can start immediately with the results.

You can also ask us to translate the results into a personal training program.

Who is the exercise test for?

Objective data and good interpretation is relevant for both top athletes and beginners. Novice athletes often think that an exercise test is mainly for serious athletes. That is a misconception. To train responsibly, it is important to now your personal training zones. You also get insight into your trainability and you get advice on how to structure your training. This helps to prevent overtraining and will help you to enjoy during your sessions.

A next exercise test will inform you about the progress you have made. In short, whether you are a cyclist, triathlete or runner, a novice athlete or top athlete: an exercise test is for everyone who wants to train smarter and better. 

How is the test structured?

The protocol of our exercise test is designed for endurance athletes. Unlike most exercise tests that have a short protocol (1 to 2.5 minutes per step), we work with a protocol of six minutes per step. This way you get representative data for your values ​​during longer efforts.

You perform the cycling test on your own bicycle. We put it in the Tacx smarttrainer. By this set-up, we measure you in the position in which you train and race. This ensures that the data is not disturbed by a different position. The test starts after a ten-minute warm-up. The wattage is increased by 25 watts every six minutes, until exhaustion. While cycling we measure your wattage, heart rate, speed and lactate. We measure the wattage data of both the Tacx and your power meter, so that you train at home on the wattages of your own meter.

You perform the running test on a calibrated Technogym treadmill. After a ten-minute warm-up, the speed is increased by one kilometer every six minutes, also until exhaustion. During the test we measure your heart rate, speed, cadence and lactate. If you run with Stryd, we will also measure that data and process it in your test report.

We reserve 75 minutes for an exercise test. The duration of the exercise test itself is thirty to forty-five minutes.

When do you plan an exercise test?

You can plan an exercise test at any time of the year. The first test is preferably done at the start of your build-up to the competition season. This way you know where to start after your rest period. A test right after a rest period also provides insight into what your ‘natural’ metabolic profile is. The second test is ideally done three to four months later. You can compare this with your previous test so that you can assess the effect of your training. After all, the purpose of training is to improve. That means your zones will shift.

Regular testing provides insight into your performance development. It also ensures you continue to induce the right training stimuli. That is why 3in1Sports also offers combination packages. Are you running into a training plateau, or are you unsure about your capacity after a period of illness? Just then, a lactate-based exercise test provides insight into what is going on. Based on the results, we will give you advice on how to best build up your workouts again.

What does an exercise test yield?

During the exercise test, we measure your lactate, heart rate, speed (during a run test) and lactate, heart rate and wattage (during a bike test). We interpret this data and summarize it in a test report and training advice. In it you will find:

  • your metabolic profile
  • your heart rate zones
  • your speed zones (run) and wattage zones (bike)
  • your recommended build-up to your peak race.

With this report you can translate your test results into your training program yourself or with your coach. You can also ask 3in1Sports to set up your Personal Training Schedule . Or sign up for Personal Coaching.

You can also ask 3in1Sports to design your Personal training program. Or sign up for Personal Coaching.

What gear do I bring?

For the bike test you need to bring:

  • your own bike (preferably your race bike)
  • your summer cycling clothing
  • bike shoes
  • heart rate strap (if you have one)
  • your Garmin or Wahoo (if you have one)
  • two towels (one for during the test and one for showering)
  • optional: filled bottle

For the run test you need to bring:

  • your running shoes
  • your summer running clothes
  • heart rate strap (if you have one)
  • your sports watch (if you have one)
  • two towels (one for during the test and one for showering)
  • optional: filled bottle

Where do I perform the test?

The exercise test is in Utrecht, in the test room of 3in1Sports. It is located at Europalaan 2 in Utrecht and is easy to reach by car and public transport. You can park for free in front of the building.

What are the costs of the exercise test?

An exercise test with training advice costs € 149. You can also opt for a package. This way you are assured of your actual values ​​during the season.

Combination package (2 tests)

€ 298               € 279

⊕ 2x exercise test (bike or run)

⊕ Digital test report including performance development and training advice

Combination package (3 tests)

€ 447               € 399

⊕ 3x exercise test (bike or run)

⊕ Digital test report including performance development and training advice



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