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Book an exercise test with 3in1Sports to assess your fitness level and trainability. During a progressive intensity protocol we measure your blood lactate, heart rate, speed and wattage and summarise the findings in your test report. This shows your physiological strengths and weaknesses, your training zones and our advice on how to structure your training. Click here for a case study on how our lactate-based exercise test is translated into a training program.

Whether you are a professional or a beginner, male or female, old or young: an exercise test is for anyone who wishes to calibrate their training zones, understand their trainability, and what types of training will help to perform at your best on the time and event where you want to shine.

An exercise test can be done at any moment during the year.

The first test is preferably done at the start of your preparation for the race season, so that you know where you are after your rest period. The second test is three to four months later, to judge the effect of your training and to give input for the next two to three months to your peak event.

May you arrive at a training plateau during the year, or have doubts about your trainability (for example, after having contracted lyme of corona), a lactate-based exercise test can show what is the issue and what training program can help you to get back on track.

3in1Sports offers exercise tests for running and cycling. On demand, we can test teams and other sports. The run test is done a treadmill. For the bike test we use the Tacx Neo 2T so that we can test you on your own bike.

During the test we measure your blood lactate, heart rate, pace (run test) and wattage (bike test). We interpret the data and summarise the findings in a test report. This gives you:

  • your metabolic profile
  • your heart rate zones
  • your pace zones (running) and wattage zones (bike)
  • our advise on how to build your training to your peak event so that you or your coach can design your training program

You can also have 3in1Sports design your Personal Training Plan. You can also opt for our Personal Coaching track.

An exercise test costs € 149 (including 21% BTW).



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