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Personal Coaching

Every personal coaching trajectory starts with an intake interview and lactate test. We get to know one another, set goals and determine your training structure, tailored to your situation, level and objectives. The lactate test provides insight into your energy balance, your physiological strengths and points of development and determines your training zones.

From exercise test to training plan

3in1Sports uses exercise tests to assess your metabolic profile. Based on lactate readings we assess your physiological strengths and weaknesses and set your training zones. By repeating these tests, we can track and trace your progress and adjust if needed.

Talking with your coach

Your coach has personal contact (phone or whatsapp) with you at designated times  to evaluate your progress and to set up your training sessions. Between calls you can email or app any questions you may have. We track your progress via TrainingPeaks, DIY tests and lactate tests.


3in1Sports has teamed up with a sports doctor, physiotherapist, and specialists for cycling, running and swimming technique analysis.

For whom is personal coaching?

3in1Sports coaches athletes of all levels – from beginner to world class. A Personal Coaching trajectory is for every one who wishes to be coached one-to-one:

  • Tri- and duathletes
  • Runners
  • Cyclists

3in1Sports does not work with contracts. After the intake you receive per email the invoice for the intake and the first 12 weeks – the minimum period for a Personal Coaching trajectory. After that period you will receive your invoice every 4 weeks, which you can pay be automatic payment of via a payment request You can adjust the coaching frequency, pause or stop at any time after the first 12 weeks, without any conditions.

Additional exercise test

During a Personal Coaching, you can schedule an additional exercise test. An exercise test can also help you to get data-based information after a period of illness or after a training break. This helps you to get started again in a responsible way, based on your current fitness levels.

Additional exercise test: €149

Every 4th week

/Every 4th week
  • Four-weekly phone call
  • Unlimited contact by mail and whatsapp
  • 2 exercise tests per year
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Every 2nd week

/Every 2nd week
  • Bi-weekly phone call
  • Unlimited contact by mail and whatsapp
  • 2 lactate tests per year
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  • Weekly phone call
  • Unlimited contact by mail and whatsapp
  • 3 lactate tests per year
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Other services

Clinic Duurtraining: Lactaat, Hartslag En Intensiteit

'Training with Lactate' clinic.

Curious about what your lactate values are during training and what you can do with them? Then come to the 'Training with Lactate' clinic.


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Inspanningstest Fietsen

Exercise test

During an exercise test we determine your metabolic profile and assess your trainability and training zones.


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Notitieblok, Pen En Laptop

Coaching call

If you have a training-related question that you would like to discuss one-on-one with an expert, book a coaching session.


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Run In The Morning

Trainings plan

After the intake and exertion test, we will write your training schedule for a minimum of 12 and a maximum of 20 weeks.


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