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Training Plan

A Personal Training Plan starts with an intake and an exercise test. During the intake, we discuss your goals and determine your training structure, tailored to your situation, level and objectives. This guarantees that you get a training plan that fits your agenda, tailored to your capabilities.

Exercise test

As input for your Personal Training plan you will do an exercise test. Depending on your A-race-, you either do a bike test or a run test. The bike test is done on a Tacx Neo, on your own bike. We use a treadmill for the run test. The exercise test takes thirty to forty minutes. You start at a low intensity. After your warm-up, the intensity is increased every 6 minutes. In the bike test the intensity is increased with 25 Watt per 6 minutes. The the run test the speed is increased with 1km/h every 6 minutes. During the test we measure your heart rate, wattage (cycling) and speed (running). We also determine your lactate value after each step.

The test data is translated into a test report. This will be sent to you digitally afterwards. The report shows your training zones – in heart rates as well as in watts (cycling) and speeds (walking). You will also find your metabolic profile in the report. This is the ratio between your aerobic and anaerobic energy output at different levels of exercise.

The report concludes with our interpretation of the test data and our advice for building up your training to your personal goal. Together with the data from the intake, we now have all the ingredients to design your Personal Training plan.

Duration and location

The intake and the test take two hours. The location is the test room of 3in1Sports. That is located in De Alchemist, Europalaan 2 in Utrecht. You can park for free, and Utrecht Central Station is a 10-minute walk away.

Personal Training plan accessible via TrainingPeaks

After the intake and exercise test, we write your training schedule of at least 12 weeks. Your schedule is tailor-made, taking into account your capacity and training options and building up to your personal goal.




3in1Sports uses TrainingPeaks as a platform for creating your workouts. You can see your workouts in the app and upload them to your sports watch or cycling computer as structured workouts. After your training, the data will be uploaded to TrainingPeaks.

You have the option to add comment to each training session. This way, TrainingPeaks is also your logbook so that you and your coach can track the progress of your training sessions.

For whom is a Personal Training plan?

3in1Sports coaches athletes of all levels – from beginners to world class athletes. A Personal Training Schedule is for anyone who wants a tailor-made training plan:

• Triathletes and duathletes

• Runners

• Cyclists


The minimum period for a Personal Training Plan is 12 weeks. The following rates apply:

Intake + lactate test + 12 weeks schedule: € 299

Price per additional week: € 12.50 These prices include VAT.

Additional exercise test

You have the option to do an extra exercise test. You can schedule an extra test during the course of of your current plan, or after your plan has ended. An exercise test can also help you after a period of illness or interruption of your training, so that you can pick up the thread of the training again in a responsible and well-founded way.

Costs of extra exercise test: €149

Additional exercise test
Of course you can have an extra exercise test taken in the meantime or after your schedule has ended.
An exercise test can also help you after a period of illness or interruption of your training, so that you can pick up the thread of the training again in a responsible and well-founded way.
Costs of extra exercise test: €149

Other services

Trainer Bert Flier

Personal coaching

Personal Coaching means one-to-one guidance by Bert Flier so you have access to all knowledge of 3in1Sports.


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Clinic Duurtraining: Lactaat, Hartslag En Intensiteit

'Training with Lactate' clinic.

Curious about what your lactate values are during training and what you can do with them? Then come to the 'Training with Lactate' clinic.


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Inspanningstest Fietsen

Exercise test

During an exercise test we determine your metabolic profile and assess your trainability and training zones.


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Notitieblok, Pen En Laptop

Coaching call

If you have a training-related question that you would like to discuss one-on-one with an expert, book a coaching session.


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Bootcamp Munt

3in1sports bootcamp Utrecht

Join the 3in1Sports Bootcamp in Utrecht and work on your physical and mental fitness!


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