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Want to train truly tailor-made? In this webinar, Bert Flier explains what is a physiological profile test. It shows your trainability, how your aerobic and anaerobic systems function, and what are your strengths and point for development. It helps in setting realistic goals and shows how to get there. The webinar is live on Zoom, so you can ask your questions.

For whom?

If you are a rookie of veteran, old or young, male or female, athlete or coach: this webinar is for all who desire to get more out of their training and want to get better.

When and where?

You will be joining the webinar via Zoom, in the comfort of your living room.

Date: Monday June 14

Time: 20.30-21.30

Language: English


Joining the webinar costs € 14,95. Next to the webinar, you will receive an Innerme Healthy Sports box with a value of € 28,95.

Part 1

What is blood lactate?

What does lactate tell about your trainability?

How does a physiological profile test show your physiological strengths and weaknesses?

Part 2

How does a physiological profile test help to set realistic goals?

What are your individual training zones?

When should you train on heart rate, when on pace or wattage?

Part 3

Time to ask your questions

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